World Domination Enterprises

Back in 1987 my mate Chris Saul recommended a noisy London band called World Domination Enterprises. We were in “Soundcheck” Indie Record Shop in Penzance and he said … you need to buy this and handed me a copy of “Lets Play World Domination”. I did as I was told and what a record it was, a great slab of industrial noise, mixing up punk, dub and even hip hop! It was unlike anything I’d ever heard before, I still have not heard anything that sounds like them to this day. I just had to see them, although the chances of ever seeing them in the South West were rather slim. So when they announced a London gig at the Town and Country gig in January 1989 with Loop and the Dave Howard singers I just had to be there. I made my way to Kentish Town and got to venue in good time to catch The Dave Howard Singers, but I can’t say I was overly bothered by them … World Dom. up next and wow did they shake the foundations of the T&C. Keith Dobson seemed to make a awesome racket with his beaten up guitar (that apparently he bought for a fiver!) tied around his neck on a piece of old rope and Steve Jameson’s low slung dub bass that along with Digger’s drumming just seemed to drive them like a freight train. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Asbestos Lead Asbestos, Ghetto Queen, Bullit Man, Message for you people and Funkytown all played to full effect … cracking stuff, they don’t make bands like that any more!!! Oh, just one more thing, the last WDE gig I witnessed, in my hometown of Plymouth a week before they called it a day! Well I never.

Published by wibblewhitebread

I am know as Wibble, I enjoy live music and I'm the vocalist in the Rugs.

6 thoughts on “World Domination Enterprises

  1. Mate, top class. I was never that bothered about Dave Howard Singers either, they used to crop up on the post industrial compilations I used to buy. Always one of those filler track bands….
    Keep this up, it’s cracking!


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