It’s Stagger Time … Cambridge 105 Radio, Stagger Indie, Rugs come on down!

The Rugs arrive at Cambridge 105 Studio, Rebel Arts show is going out live in the studio and we get ready to go into the studio at 22.00 as they finish.
Chris, Shawn and Pete getting ready … it was a tight squeeze in that room, with 3 DJs and the 5 Rugs!

After the Rugs debut Blame it on me / Voice of a Generation single was released in 2018, we gave a copy of it to our mate Tom Taylor. Tom is one of the DJs on Stagger Indie, Cambridge 105 Radio, a show that goes out live on a Sunday night at 22.00. Stagger is a great show and plays all sorts of Indie / Punk / Post Punk and champions local bands and helps to promote them. Tom played “Blame it on Me” (the actual vinyl, with scratches and all!) on the show on 13/1/19. This was the first time (but not the last) that The Rugs were played on the Radio … we were well chuffed! I emailed Tom the following week to thank him for playing the single and to my surprise and delight he invited the Rugs to perform live on the show!!! Tom basically told me that the Rugs would take over the show for the evening, playing songs live on air and choosing what records to play, he would also interview and chat to us, all live on air. This was all very exciting, so we prepared ourselves as best we could and armed with acoustic guitars and a fist full of vinyl and CDs headed off to play on Stagger … Sunday 8/9/19.

We met Tom, Ian and David from Stagger in the Alexandra pub for a pint prior to the show and then wandered across the road to the studio. At bang on 2200, the Rebel Arts guys who had just finished their show, made a sharp exit and we all squeezed into the rather cosy room! The show started with World Domination Enterprises “Asbestos, lead Asbestos” and followed up with The Modern Lovers “Someone I care about”. The Rugs were up next … and we started our short selection of 4 songs with “Voice of a Generation” …

The actual songs played that evening, as follows :-

  • World Domination Enterprises “Asbestos lead asbestos”
  • The Modern Lovers “Someone I care about”
  • The Rugs “Voice of a Generation” (live)
  • The Monkeys “For Pete’s sake”
  • The Rugs “Ask that hippy” (live)
  • The Velvet Underground “Run run run”
  • The Rugs “Blame it on me” (live)
  • Gallon Drunk “Some fools mess”
  • The Rugs “Italian State Railways” (live)
  • Big Black “Kerosene”
  • Bogshed “Little car”

It was a great show and a great experience, something I never imagined doing. Since then, Stagger have been very supportive of the Rugs and to date we have been played numerous times, Tom also invited me onto the show as a guest to review one of my favourite LPs, The Wolfhounds “Blown Away”.

Stagger Plays to date.

  • 19/7/20 The Rugs “Voice of a Generation” (single version) played on the Stagger 10 year anniversary show.
  • 3/5/20 The Rugs “Young Girl” (plus a birthday dedication to Dave and Strack).
  • 12/4/20 Snail “Italian State Railways” (1993 – Snail predate the Rugs).
  • 22/3/20 Snail “The Human Slide”.
  • 9/2/20 The Rugs “Trains”.
  • 13/1/20 The Rugs “voice of a Generation”. This was the Stagger Awards Show and we won best comeback band!
  • 29/12/19 The Rugs “Blame it on me” (live on Stagger version).
  • 9/9/19 Snail “The Human Slide” and The Rugs “Blame it on me” (live version). This was when I was invited onto the show for “The Antiques Roadshow”.
  • 18/8/19 The Rugs “Italian State Railways”.
  • 21/7/19 Snail “The Human Slide”
  • 7/4/19 Snail “The Human Slide”
  • 10/3/19 The Rugs live on Stagger, “Voice of a Generation, Ask that hippy, Blame it on me and Italian State Railways”.
  • 3/3/19 Snail “The Human Slide”.
  • 17/2/19 The Rugs “Voice of a Generation”.
  • 10/2/19 The Rugs “Voice of a Generation”.
  • 13/1/19 The Rugs “Blame it on me” (vinyl version).
The Rugs in the Cambridge Blue prior to the Stagger Indie show.

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