The Rugs (UK) from 1994 to date.

14/9/19 The Rugs perform at Cambridge Blue Moon. This was a Near Miss Records promoted gig, which featured Goddammit Jeremiah! and Andy Golding (of the Wolfhounds) and his new project Dragon Welding. It was very much a DIY gig as I booked the venue and PA and organised the bands to play. The running order was decided on the night, as no one was keen to headline! In the end it worked out well, with Dragon Welding on first, then the Rugs and finally Goddamit Jeremiah.

Gig poster, designed by Pete Hambling.

Set lists and photos from the gig.

Dragon Welding included”Lightning’s going to strike again” in the set, which is a new Wolfhounds song from the forthcoming “Electric Music” LP.

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I am know as Wibble, I enjoy live music and I'm the vocalist in the Rugs.

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