The Cud Band at The Bristol Thunderbolt ~27th October 2017.

So the Cud band announce a UK tour in October 2017 where they play a set including all of their 20 single releases. Following a conversation with (Mad) Rob Wosley (Plymouth) and Alister Betts (Bristol), tickets were purchased and Alister kindly offered to put us up for the night. I seem to recall catching the train from Paddington to Bristol and meeting up with the boys at Alister’s house. Several beers were consumed before the gig and we made our way to the Thunderbolt, a small venue in an old Victorian pub in the Totterdown area of Bristol. On arrival the venue was absolutely packed with excited Indie Kids, all wanting a slice of The Cud Band.

Gig review by Rob Wosley.

Officer Wibble said he fancied seeing the CUD band at the Thunderbolt, Bristol (winner venue!), which was the furthest west the tour was coming. He invited me and our chum Alister along. Too good an opportunity to miss! So, I finished work early and headed north in my trusty Ford Focus. The usual M5 delays at Weston Super Mare on a Friday night and wasted valuable drinking time, but never mind. A couple of swift beers with the boys in Alister’s local, the Avitator, then grab a cab and off to the gig.

The venue is compact but big enough and very busy when we arrive. a quick perusal of the merch stall is always a win and we bump into our pal Brian. The support band (can’t remember who they were?) tried valiantly to gain out attention but there was a Bob Dodds shopping bag to be had, so being slacker I bought that. This was Alister’s first Cud gig and he remained at the bar with Brian, but Wibble and I were seasoned veterans and with the support act safely tucked up in bed, we headed towards the front. Mike, Will, Gogz (the new drummer) and Carl wearing a splendid orange shirt (I do like an orange shirt!) ambled onto the low stage. The joy of a Cud singles tour is the singalong value and they launch straight into “Under my Hat”. There’s a rollercoaster of toe tapping tunes to follow, with varying degrees of audience participation. Mind the Gap, Perennial favourite Only a Prawn in Whitby , Lola and Slack Time which sees the boy Wibble join the throng in an impromptu stage invasion. The melee at the front becomes a seething mass of forty somethings (and fifty somethings!) as the band rip into “Push and Shove”. The Cud mosh pit is as much female as it is male, but no one gets hurt. Carl brings the temperature down with a mellow crooner, “Once Again” before it all kicks off again with Purple Love Balloon and Robinson Crusoe. As the gig draws to a close, the encore brings us I’ve had it with Blondes (and the usual stage invasion!) Our heroes leave the stage and leave us wanting more. I grab a cheeky selfie with Will, who has to be one of the nicest guys in Indie Rock and we’re off into the cool Bristol night. A post gig snack is in order and Alister knows just the place! We soon find ourselves at the legendary “Jason Donervan” for some hot and spicy loveliness to fill our tums and soak up the ale! Let’s hope the Cud band come back and let us do it all again soon!

The Cud Band at the Thunderbolt, Bristol.

The Setlist :-

  • Under my Hat.
  • Hey!Wire.
  • Louise.
  • Oh no won’t do.
  • One Giant Love.
  • Mind the Gap.
  • Sticks and Stones.
  • Slack Time.
  • Magic.
  • Once Again.
  • Neurotica.
  • Victoria.
  • Only a Prawn (In Whitby).
  • Through the Roof.
  • Rich and Strange.
  • Purple Love Balloon.


  • You Sexy Thing.
  • Lola.
  • Robinson Crusoe.
  • Hey Boots.
  • I’ve had it with Blondes.

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